Favorite places to look for color palette inspiration

Color Palette Inspiration – my favorite places to look for interesting color palettes

Color is a powerful tool in design, capable of evoking emotions, setting moods, and enhancing visual appeal. As a designer, finding the perfect color palette is often the key to bringing a project to life. As a small business owner you will find this post useful if you are looking for a brand color palette, website color schemes or color palette inspiration to use for your next marketing campaign or social media aesthetic. I’ll share some of my favorite go-to websites for color palette inspiration, each offering a unique approach to find interesting color combinations.

Why choosing the right color palette is so important?

In the competitive landscape of small businesses, the significance of choosing the right color palette cannot be overstated. Colors are not merely aesthetic choices. They serve as a visual language that communicates the essence of your brand to your customers. The right palette can evoke emotions, establish brand identity, and leave a lasting impression on others. It’s a powerful tool for conveying the values and personality of your brand and setting you apart from competitors. Well chosen colors can enhance brand recognition, instill trust, and, well, even influence purchasing decisions. In the visual world of marketing, finding the right color palette inspiration is an absolute necessity to create a memorable and cohesive experience for your customers.


Khroma is a tool powered by AI – you pick 50 colors that you like and the it generates loads of color palettes that fit your style! You also get really cool preview options for typography, gradients or posters. An absolute gem and one of my favorites to use! The previews themselves are my favorite part. They really do save you a lot of time you would otherwise spend picking and choosing colors to find the right combination. Here you can easily preview them “in action” and see what works.


Coolors is a really handy website that puts the entire color wheel at your fingertips. It has intuitive interface and – my favorite part – you can lock down colors that you like and keep searching for ones complimenting them. It is so useful! Coolors is perfect for those of you who love to experiment. Especially if you know a color or two you would like to use but you are not sure what other colors would go well with it. Additionally, the export feature allows you to integrate your chosen palette into your design software of choice.

Canva Colors

Canva colors is a a simple website for finding ready colors palettes based on photographs. I love it for its simplicity and clean aesthetic. Canva colors makes it easy to find the perfect combination for your project without overwhelming. Whether you are looking for a color palette inspiration for social media content, branding or a fun new project, this should be your go-to place!


color palette inspiration - pinterest

Of course I had to include our good, old Pinterest here. I mean, how could I not? Pinterest is a visual feast where you can find endless color palette inspiration curated by designers, artists, and enthusiasts. Create mood boards, pin your favorite combinations, and let the creativity flow.

The quest for the perfect color palette is an exciting journey. The mentioned platforms – Canva Colors, Khroma, Coolors, and Pinterest – each offer a unique approach to finding a color palette inspiration. Whether you prefer simplicity, AI-driven suggestions, dynamic experimentation, or a curated collection of inspiration, these tools cater to your every color-related need. So hop in, explore and let your creativity run wild!