Custom pattern

Hey! I am so honored that you are considering ordering a custom pattern from me! Let me tell you all about the process. Please take a look at my portfolio to see if my design style inspires you.


  1. E-mail me or use the form below to request a custom pattern. Tell me what kind of pattern you are looking for – what elements should be in it, any specific colors. You can also send me reference photos or a moodboard to help me realize your vision. Please specify if you are interested in a vector or raster pattern.
  2. I will let you know when I am available to start making the design. Then I will send you the rough version – only basic colors and the placement of the main elements. Now is the time to let me know if I should add / remove elements or change the colors – up to three rounds of changes. If more are required, there is additional charge for each round.
  3. After approval of the design and payment I will finalize the pattern and add all the little details, shadows and effects.
  4. I’ll e-mail you the high resolution version of the pattern (see Q&A for the formats you will receive depending on whether you choose raster or vector pattern)


Please contact me for exclusive custom pattern price, it will depend on complexity.


I will provide you with PNG and JPEG files. All files are high quality 300dpi. For vector patterns I can provide .svg or .ai files for sizing the designs up. If you require other file format please let me know.
With vector files you can easily make the design bigger if needed. If you order a vector pattern you will receive an .ai or .svg file using which you can make the pattern larger. Vector designs give less room for special effects like transparency, watercolor effects or glow (if you are interested in those I would recommend raster). Vector designs are usually more sleek looking.

Raster files have a set size and you cannot make them bigger (only smaller). Raster patterns give me more room to work with texture to make them more visually interesting - adding watercolor effects, noise or glow.
Non-exclusive license means that I can license or sell the custom pattern I make for you to other buyers. Or put it up on print on demand sites where I sell my designs (like spoonflower).

Exclusive patterns means that it is yours and only yours to use. For ready made patterns from portfolio I grant an exclusive license for the time period of two years. In case of custom made Surface Patterns you will also receive the copyright to them - so the custom Surface Pattern is Yours to use forever.
Firstly I will let you know when I can start working on your custom pattern. From that date the turnaround time is about 2-3 weeks - depending on complexity of the pattern.
You may pay through a bank transfer. I can also make a custom Etsy listing for you.

Order a custom pattern!

Use the form below or simply email me at It would be great if you included:

  • what type of pattern you are interested in – vector or raster, exclusive or non-exclusive
  • what should the pattern be of
  • are there any colors you prefer
  • any other details you would like included – objects, details