do you need to find a unique art style?

Do you really need to find a unique art style?

Unique art style is the way to get noticed on social media. It’s a sure way to stand out and have people take interest in you. That is very much true. But how soon should you find an art style? Should you experiment first and then settle on just one? Should you have multiple ones? Here are my thoughts about finding your own art style.

How soon should I have a unique art style?

I do not believe there is a right or wrong answer here. Is it useful to have a unique art style as soon as possible? Yeah, it probably is – people will immediately recognize your art and associate it with you. It will make your art look consistent and that will attract new followers. However, it is also worth remembering that your art style should represent you and, importantly, should bring you joy in creating. Sometimes it might take a very long time to find an art style. Maybe you will have multiple different art styles. Maybe you will not even notice you have a style, while other people will.

Should I force an art style then?

Trying to force a unique style can be really harmful in the long run. It might really hinder your growth. It is true that social media, like Instagram, favor similarly looking art and pictures. Cohesive feeds draw people in. I think sticking to one style or color scheme because “the algorithm” likes it or because we feel pressured to create a brand for ourselves immediately can quickly lead to burnout. I believe we should nurture our creativity, try out different styles, techniques to learn and improve. And not feel guilty for not having committed to one unique art style.

It’s okay not to know the answer

I personally love accounts that show a wide range of content. The ones that show “just one scheme or thing” over and over again bore me after some time. I love seeing people experiment, not only because I can learn from them, but also because it brings out such passion in them – it just shows. And is quite infectious. Those are artists that I follow, not only for their beautiful art, but also for how passionate they are about what they are doing. The emotions that come with making the art – that is what really sticks in the long run and what people will definitely remember you by.

It’s all about passion

Our passion should fuel us. And key to keeping that passion going is to experiment, change things up and learn. We never force a style just because that’s how you get noticed or popular. If you have a style that comes natural to you, that’s awesome! But never force yourself to make it happen. It might just leave you miserable and frustrated at the end. Do you really need to immediately find a unique art style? It depends on your goals. Short term it might be a good idea to find one fast and stick to it – consistency in your art will definitely attract people to it. But in the long run you might get bored with it, feel that it does not really represent you and feel miserable.

I believe that what will really make your art stand out is much more than style – it’s first and foremost passion for what you are making. The joy and all the emotions that making art brings you. Whether you have one art style or multiple – if creating brings you joy it shows, both through art itself and all the behind-the-scenes that you show. That is what will not only make you happy and wanting to create art, it will bring people to you and have them really remember you.

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