digital product ideas to sell on etsy

Over 30 digital product ideas to sell on etsy

Are you looking for digital product ideas to sell on Etsy ? I’ve got you! Selling digital files is a really convenient way to earn money in a passive way. You create the files, upload them and Etsy takes care of the rest! Jump in and read about all the awesome things you can make and earn money from on Etsy!

Why try Etsy?

Etsy is a really great place to try selling your products. The platform is really easy to use and it takes care of most of the tax-related issues on the buyer’s side (please note that you still need to take care of the taxes on your side as a seller). The best thing about selling digital products is that you create it once, upload it and you never run out of stock! Etsy also has a large base of customers that can take interest in what you make. It would be a shame not to try!

Digital product ideas to sell on Etsy

Invitation templates

You can design cute invitations for parties or birthdays. You can also make them editable so your customers can easily fill them out on their computers and print. It’s such a time saver!

Party Decor and Games

Printable party garlands? Favor boxes? Cupcake Toppers? Party Hats? The list can go on and on. Another fun idea is to make printables with fun games you can play at parties like bachelorette parties, baby showers or kids’ birthday!

Printable greeting cards

Thank you cards, Christmas cards, Happy Birthday cards – there are so many occasions to send someone a greeting card. You can make it super easy for your customers so they will want to do it even more – just download the cards, print them and they are ready to be sent. So easy!

Social media templates

Cohesive feeds and profiles are a thing. You can design a coordinating set of Instagram story, post and highlight templates. Same goes for Pinterest or Facebook post templates. You can save people and businesses a lot of time offering them.

Clip art sets

If you draw or doodle you can create clipart sets to sell on Etsy. Those can be really useful resource for crafters and graphic designers.

SVG cut files

You can also prepare files to those who use vinyl cutting machines. They can use them to make t-shirts or decorations like signs.

digital product ideas to sell on etsy

Printable wall art

You can make printable wall art with quotes, illustrations that you make or using royalty free graphic elements. Your only limit is your imagination.

Photo sets (stock)

If you are into photography here’s an idea – you can sell sets of the photographs you take. Or single images if you wish. I personally love buying photo sets to use as reference for drawing.


If you know how to make a mockup it’s an awesome way to earn some money. A lot of designers and small businesses are in need of mockups to showcase their products.

Digital stickers

There are two ways we can approach digital stickers. One, you can prep them as SVG files ready for printing and cutting. You can also prep them for digital journalling and notebook apps like Goodnotes, Xodo, Notability or Noteshelf (or any other app using PDF annotation).


You can also sell your designs as wallpapers to make your customer’s laptops and phones all beautiful and fun!

Logo or logo creation kit

You can premake logos and sell them. For a more expensive version you may also consider a logo creation kit where you supply your customers with clip art that they can assemble into a fun, custom logo. Really awesome deal for small businesses.

Printable gift tags

Help make people’s lives easier. And make their gifts extra cute of course! Prep fun printable gift tags they can purchase and print at their own leisure.


If you have a skill you can teach consider doing it for other people through worksheets! Calligraphy practice worksheets, motivational or mental health worksheets are just some of the ideas.

Oh the list of possible digital product ideas to sell on Etsy here is endless. People love this stuff. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly planners. Also, budget organization (how much we spend and on what, how much we are putting aside, goals and plans), home organization (pantry list, grocery shopping list, cleaning list), mental health (life satisfaction circle), kids organization (homework planner, study planner, chore lists). I bet you could come up with a lot more.

Habit Tracker

If you want to build up a habit doing so in style is very desirable. Think of all the fun shapes and templates you can create! I think we all love coloring those circles in and that wonderful feeling of satisfaction that comes with it.


Printable calendars are a huge thing! You can make yearly calendars with beautiful spreads for each month and also simplified versions to put in bullet journals or on desks.


Just like with worksheets, if you have knowledge on a certain topic or skill why not share it with the world! For instance, you can even make an awesome set – ebook with special worksheets!

Brushes or stamps for graphic apps like Procreate, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator

Brushes and stamps for apps like these can be used both by crafters, hobbyists and professional illustrators or graphic designers. They are really fun to make and you can offer bundles for sale.

Lightroom presets

Those are very popular on Etsy. A lot of people and businesses want to have beautiful photos and want them fast. Without all the tinkering in apps and with presets you get stunning results with just one click!

WordPress theme

If you know how to code you can help others make their websites beautiful with custom wordpress themes. You can also add additional support to help them set everything up!

Icon set

You can design sets of icon that can be used in websites, design or for iPhones (where users can change their app icons to custom ones).


What to pack for travel? Seasonal activity ideas? Pantry essentials checklists? Party prep? There are so many topics you can make lists about – they may come in really handy to your customers. You can also make custom empty checklist templates for sale.

Notion app templates

Notion has taken over as the organizational app. People, myself included, have their entire lives organized there! You can make useful templates to upload into the app to make it even more fun to use!

Coloring pages

If you draw you can make fun sets of coloring pages both for adults and kids. It’s a wonderful and fun way to relax!

Educational printables for kids

As a parent I can definitely testify to how useful those are. You can make printable alphabet writing or math exercises. Fun games for kids to learn like bingo, mazes, pattern matching or scavenger hunts. Another fun idea is to make sets of printables around a given theme (winter, apples, pirates, unicorns, cars, animals).

Crochet, knitting and sewing patterns

If you know how to crochet, knit or sew you can sell your design patterns. Then your customers can buy them, print them out and make beautiful things too!

Product labels

Small businesses are often looking for customizable product labels. Some ideas include skincare products (cream box, lip balm tubes), bottle labels for various beverages or candles.

Business cards

Every business needs a business card. So why not offer some premade ones that people can buy and customize themselves?

Etsy shop branding kits

You can offer branding kits to other Etsy sellers to make their entire shops look professional and cohesive. Those elements can include various banner sizes and cover photos.

Oh, planning a wedding is stressful, all right. So many things you have to think of, mean a lot of opportunities to make soon-to-be-married couples’ lives easier! You can offer invitations, games, seating charts, table numbers, menus or wedding planners.

Here are over 30 digital product ideas to sell on Etsy! I am sure there are more things we can come up with (some we may not even know about yet that there is a market for). If you would add anything to the list please e-mail me I will definitely be updating this list with more ideas over time – so bookmark it! It definitely will be your go-to place for inspiration if you ever run of ideas for digital products to sell on Etsy.

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