Social media graphic sizes for 2024,

Social media graphic sizes – Your Ultimate 2024 Guide

Are you often lost what the latest social media graphic sizes are? How big should your profile image for Instagram be? How about Facebook banner size? Or maybe Linkedin post graphic sizes? As a small business it can be really hard to remember it all. The content you share on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn play a crucial role in capturing attention and building a strong online presence. As we step into 2024, the landscape of social media continues to evolve, so here it your ultimate guide to the lastest recommendations for social media graphic sizes.

Social Media Graphic Sizes for 2024

Get ready to elevate your social media game by mastering the art of social media graphic sizes in 2024. It’s time to create visuals that not only captivate your audience but also align with the fast changing standards of the social media world.


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Navigate the professional landscape of LinkedIn graphic sizes, understanding the ideal dimensions for profile pictures, cover photos, and post images. Optimize your LinkedIn graphics to leave a strong, professional impression.

Profile Image 400 x 400px
Personal Page Cover Image1584 x 396px
Company Page Cover Image1128 x 191px
Landscape Image1200 x 627px
Carousel Image1080 x 1080px


Let’s explore Instagram graphic dimensions for profile pictures, stories, and post images. It will help you create visually stunning content that will be properly displayed to captivate your followers.

Profile Image320 x 320px
Square Post Size1080 x 1080px
Landscape Post Size1080 x 566px
Portrait Post Size1080 x 1350px
Story Size1080 x 1920px


It’s time to take a look at Facebook graphic sizes. From profile images, cover images, different types of image posts the dimensions will be no stranger to you as you create stunning visuals!

Profile Image170 x 170px
Cover Image851 x 315px
Landscape Image Post1200 x 630px
Square Image Post1200 x 1200px
Story Size1080 x 1920px


Even though Twitter, ekhm X, is a mostly text based social media, we cannot forget the importance of great visuals! Let’s dive into the dimensions from profile and cover images through different images you can post on the platform.

Profile Image400 x 400px
Cover Image1500 x 500px
Portrait Image Post1080 x 1350 px
Landscape Image Post1600 x 900 px
Square Image Post1080 x 1080px


The most visual platform there is, here are a few insights on profile pictures, video dimensions, and carousel images. Easily create engaging and shareable content with this guide.

Profile Image200 x 200px
Video1080 x 1920px
Carousel Image1080 x 1920px


Uncover the optimal dimensions for your YouTube graphic sizes including cover photo, video thumbnails, and channel art. Learn how to make your channel visually appealing to attract and engage your viewers.

Profile Image800 x 800px
Cover Image2048 x 1152px
Video Thumbnail1280 x 720px
Video1280 x 720px


Looking for the perfect dimensions for Pinterest pins, stories and cover image? I’ve got you! Grow on this wonderfully visual platform with the ideal sizes for your content to get noticed and pinned!

Profile Image165 x 165px
Cover Image800 x 450px
Regular Pin1000 x 1500px
Square Pin1000 x 1000px
Story Pins1080 x 1920px


Let’s journey through the visual storytelling of Tumblr with insights on profile pictures, and image posts. Discover how to maintain a visually cohesive and engaging blog on this unique platform.

Profile Image128 x 128px
Cover Image3000 x 1055px
Image Postminimum 500 x 750px


Unleash your creativity on Twitch with the right sizes for profile pictures, banners, stream overlays, and more. Creating twitch graphics in the right size will ensure perfect streaming experience for your viewers.

Profile Image800 x 800px
Profile Banner1200 x 480px
Offline Banner1920 x 1080 px
Sub Badge Size18 x 18px, 36 x 36px, 72 x 72px
Thumbnail Size1280 x 720px
Overlay1920 x 1080 px

Now it’s time to save, share, pin this content so you will not lose it! Armed with this knowledge, you are ready to take on the social media world and create highest quality graphics that will be properly displayed on each platform for the biggest impact.

So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and make every pixel count. Here’s to a visually stunning and strategically aligned social media presence in 2024!

Hope you liked this Social media graphic sizes guide and you find it helpful. Is there any other social media channel you would like me to add to the list? If so, let me know!