32 important life lessons I have learned

32 important life lessons I have learned in 32 years

Oh whew, I am turning 32 this month. In honor of that and to show how grateful I am to you for all the support you have shown me, let’s make this post a bit more personal. I wanted to make a list of important life lessons in the 32 years of life. So why not make it that number? Most of it is stuff I wish somebody told me when I was younger. Then again, not sure if I would have believed them, because some things you just have to experience in order to learn. If it helps or inspires even one person my job here is done. Thank you for all the love, kind words and support you gave me on my journey to this moment. Cheers!

32 important life lessons I have learned in 32 years

  1. People really don’t care about your decisions or what you look like – they are too busy thinking about themselves.
  2. Making mistakes is normal and it’s not the end of the world.
  3. Be kind to yourself. Loving and accepting yourself is the first step to a happy life.
  4. Enjoy the little moments.
  5. Time will pass by anyway, it’s up to you what you’ll do with it.
  6. Take care of your basic needs – sleep, food and physical activity. You will have way more energy and creativity for the rest.
  7. Laughter is a good solution to just about everything.
  8. Whenever you are worrying about something or creating disaster scenarios ask yourself “So what?” if that scenario actually happens. That I have learned from Susie Moore’s incredible book Stop Checking Your Likes – I really recommend it!
  9. Only you can figure out what makes you happy.
  10. There really is no need to rush through everything. Taking things slow and stopping to enjoy them is just as good.
  11. It’s okay to change your mind.
  12. It’s impossible to do everything. We all only have 24 hours in a day. Focus on what is really important to you, do things one at a time. I wrote more about it here.
  13. Learning to understand, accept and communicate your emotions as well accept and understand the other person’s emotions is the basis of healthy relationships.
  14. To do lists save a lot of headaches.
  15. Motivation does not exist – only self discipline and consistency do.
  16. Always stick to your values. Integrity is key.
  17. Optimism and curious mindset make a world of a difference in life.
  18. Just trying things without any expectations can lead to really fun results.
  19. Kindness does not cost anything, but lets you and those around you gain a lot.
  20. Shitty stuff is going to happen no matter how much you worry and stress beforehand.
  21. Will all that bad stuff that seem like the end of the world right now even matter in a few years?
  22. Never do things just because they are expected of you.
  23. Remember to take care of yourself and your needs. You are important.
  24. Forcing things never ends well.
  25. Comparing yourself to others is pointless – you had a different journey in life than them, each of you have different scars you carry, different fears and problems.
  26. Days with limited input from the outside world – especially social media are very refreshing.
  27. Always try to learn new things and look for new approaches and solutions to problems – that’s how you grow.
  28. Instead of just absorbing knowledge put it into action.
  29. Add a bit of fun to everything you do.
  30. If you are feeling overwhelmed – a long walk or sleep will usually help.
  31. Learn to listen to your body – it will always try to tell you what it needs.
  32. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You really do not have to do everything yourself.

Change is good

Some of these life lessons might sound really cheesy, others lofty. All of these are incredibly important to me and made me who I am today. A lot I learned the hard way, but I am glad I did, because they pushed me to evolve and reconsider how I have always seen things. By rethinking and reshaping the way we experience things, reconsidering our habits and beliefs we can create change. And that change can often lead to us being better versions of ourselves. To be happier, calmer and more free. And that I wish to all of us.

Did any of these important life lessons resonate with you? Got any thoughts to share? I am always up for a chat either on my social media or you can e-mail me roksidesigns@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!