why get a custom portrait

Why getting a custom portrait is an awesome idea?

Custom portrait is a priceless gift for absolutely everyone. That special someone, best friend, family, you. For birthday, anniversary, wedding or just because. The joy it brings is a moment that will definitely be remembered. You can give it to someone or celebrate and express yourself with it!

Why should I get a custom portrait?

A custom portrait can be a beautiful, thoughtful gift for someone dear to heart. You can also totally make it a gift from you to you! Such portrait should be an expression of who you truly are. It should give off your vibe and be express your personality through colors and emotions. It makes a strong statement of who you are. There are so many things you can do with such portrait as well! Read on to get ideas.

What can I do with it?

First off, the most popular idea – you can give it as a gift. I will send you digital files all ready for printing and you can print it at your leisure in a print shop. You can gift the printed version or hang it on your wall. You can use the portrait in your social media or email it to your friends or family. Or as a background on your phone. You may also use it for your creative crafts – such as invitations or greeting cards. You can even print it on a t-shirt! Or for a cake topper! As long as you do not make money from what you use it for – you are good to go. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, like logo, business card, product you will then sell or social media image for your company – you have to contact me first as different prices will apply.

How to order a custom portrait?

I have a set process so that everything goes as smooth as possible and we both know what to expect from each other. I will guide you through the process and will do my best to give advice whenever needed.

  1. E-mail me roksidesigns@gmail.com or use the form to request a commission. Send me reference photos and anything particular you would like included like specific colors, pose or expression to help me realize your vision! I will let you know when I can start working on your commission. From that date the turnaround time is about 2-3 weeks – depending on complexity of the portrait and amount of changes.
  2. I will ask you to pay 1/2 of the price upfront via PayPal
  3. When I receive payment I will start sketching. Then I will send you the sketch once it is done. Now is the time to let me know if you want any adjustments to the sketch done. You cannot request any changes to the sketch after this phase.
  4. After you approve the sketch, I’ll start basic coloring. I will send it for your approval when it’s finished. Now is the time to ask for any color adjustments.
  5. I will ask you to pay the other 1/2 of the commission price via PayPal
  6. After color approval and payment I will finalize the portrait – add shadows, highlights and work on final details.
  7. I’ll e-mail you the high resolution version of the portrait.

What will I get?

If you order a custom portrait from me I will make sure it is a portrait you dreamed of! Throughout the process I will be contacting you to approve the sketch and then the colors. After the portrait is done I will send to you the high resolution version via email (.png file and.pdf file ready for printing).

If you have any other questions or are interested in pricing please visit this page with my custom portrait offer! If I can help with anything or you still have some questions after visiting the page feel free to email me at roksidesigns@gmail.com.

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